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The Advocate 09/2004

If money is the lifeblood of American politics, then Bob Farmer is the Democrats' arteries, veins and heart.....Farmer, 65, brings a wealth of experience to political fund-raising. He served in the same capacity for the Democratic presidential campaigns of John Glenn, Michael Dukakis and Bill Clinton, who sent him to Bermuda as U.S. envoy and became his golfing partner....

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The Advocate 01/2000

...Farmer's five-year stint was well received by the small British colony in the middle of the Atlantic. He is credited with improving the American consul general office's relations with Bermuda's 67,000 residents. The consul's mansion, a 14-acre estate known as Chelston, bustled with official functions throughout his tenure. Farmer has done a "magnificent job," declared The Royal Gazette, the national daily newspaper, upon his resignation. "No previous Consul General and certainly no Bermudian public figure in recent times has managed to make so many friends and such a wide range of contacts throughout Bermuda."...

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TIME 04/1988

Farmer, an effervescent backslapper who never misses an opportunity to promote himself or his candidate, is the master of modern political fund raising: a person who can franchise a nationwide pyramid of captains and lieutenants to seek out $1,000 donations, the maximum permitted by law. So far he has raised nearly $17 million from 75,000 donors, plus $8.5 million in federal matching funds. With money pouring in at a rate of $60,000 a day, Farmer will soon hit the $27.7 million legal ceiling for primary spending. Besides buying Dukakis early credibility, it has given him a critical cushion, allowing him to survive losses in such states as Iowa, Illinois and Michigan and still wage a national campaign. "Money has become the winnowing factor in this race," says Farmer. "It's not that other candidates lose their desire; it's that their pocketbooks run dry."...

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